A site to house the Banny Grove newsletter. A work in progress that will eventually showcase music, videos and other media.

Banny Grove in Landers, Ca sitting on a rock under a Joshua Tree
Banny Grove in Landers, CA
  • (no subject)

    (no subject)

    Quick end of summer roll call. Taylor’s special, back in Landers, iPhone checklist, Cosmic Pig and tour news. Also from the heat why I make music and a poetic review from Marina.

  • bigger, better, deffer

    bigger, better, deffer

    Moon Wan bites zoo keeper, Sim Son-bong ‘One Million Roses’, using lemon balm, show flyer & wig pic

  • Feel In Air.

    Feel In Air.

    This first edition of BG Newsletter. Herbs to relieve cramps and inflammation, inspirational thoughts, now playing and more.