A site to house the Banny Grove newsletter. A work in progress that will eventually showcase music, videos and other media.

Feel In Air.


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Hey, you thought the day would never come. Here it is now. Feels like many other days and you don’t want to get too pumped over nothing, so you just read on calmly. Good decision. Play it cool.

But this is a special thing for me at least. I have been wanting to share with everyone for some time.

Not something particularly but everything.

Not a broadcast announcement of upcoming things, per say, but everything.

It’s ME – Banny Grove!

I know how alone some moments of life are and oftentimes the screens we interact with can cause a solitary feeling.

But just as often they are the gateway, right? The wonderful web of possibility.

I feel like a piece of air or something so I was always like,

“How can I be good at writing email… How can I really let people know all the great things I’ve learned that brought me out of the pit?”

Is it so simple?

I can just tell you here and now?

What’s spinning on my turntable… what page is turning between my fingers… What herbs helped my cramps…?

I am going to tell all.


We have been having fun on Discord and I welcome you all to join us there for the special features.

Special Features:

• chit chat

• crit and feedback / art share

• Hot Pics

• Adventures of Puparell and Calhoun – Cowpoke Dogs (monthly feature starting 6/24)

• regular updates about Banny Grove shows & releases

• secret live performances and unreleased music vids 

QR code for Banny Grove Discord

I am here. Where are you?

I am in Landers, CA. Located in the Mojave desert. It’s day 8 of my period (!!!??) and today a miracle is transpiring. It’s raining.

Considering we get about 2″ of rain total in an average year, this is really great. Can’t help but feel like it’s all connected. Where are you? Send pics.

Landers, CA

Inspiration / Insight

Your not stupid.

Just try a little to understand, you should just try to do something.

I thought that I was too stupid to do most things. Then I tried very hard. I kept my crutches close until I was able to go without them. Sometimes it sucked but I knew it was the suck of struggling to improve,

not the old familiar suck of being trapped. Find a way to tell the difference. Dig inside your mind when it’s quiet and find out what you want.

Make sacrifices of the crap you can live without so that you can have more time, means, energy

– so that you can try something good.

I was INSPIREDby the writing of Liu Cixin who’s trilogy, Remembrance of Earth’s Past

became a benchmark in my life.

I am INSPIREDby Dorothy Ashby’s jazz harp album In A Minor Groove. It helps me cool down.


How did you come up with the name Banny


This name came to me when I was trying to find a personal understanding of “higher power” like people in AA. I was searching inside for my own invincibility. Banny is like happy sunshine.

Grove is a mysterious safe place.


What is on my turntable? – The latest from Dimples ‘Soul Chateau’

What page is my finger on? – Final pages of Moby Dick

What herb helped with my unbearable cramps? – Strong tea made from cuachalalate.

Music News

I should tell you that we started a new album last year and we will finish recording at the start of July. We have some shows in LA this August and are planning a few back east in September around and in NY. Want us to play where you are? Just ask! Join the Discord for specifics, or stay tuned for Issue 2.


Thanks for your time. If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments I’m all ears.

I have a lot more output I want to share. Vast amounts of data.

Stick around for:

poetic restaurant reviews Blue Dolphin Girl

and so much more…

If there is something specific you’re hoping for I will probably accommodate. Just ask.

If you want out, respond with “unsubscribe” in the subject and you got a deal.

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