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bigger, better, deffer



issue 2



Hey, yo whats up? How we all doin? Grim? Or you feel like… not so bad


It may be that the season of the twisted pissers is upon us, historically

speaking but I saw this video of a 3 year old chimney sweep the other day and

was like, “well, we haven’t gone back that far… yet.” and I feel like there

are shreds of hope in that thought.

I do think that hope and love are the most powerful weapons against capitalism

and oppression. This is why I’m still here. I have HOPE. I know that everyone is

just looking for LOVE even if they have the worst ways of seeking it or can’t

express the fact because of overwhelming shame. Hey, I been there.

Any-who… How do we like these end of the month check in’s? Keeping it ~ Low

Pressure ~.


Table of Contents

i am here. where are you?




music news

I am here. Where are you?

I am in Biddeford Maine. Just like early humans, our relations are

converging all around the same time and place, so we follow suit. We have come

to measure our nieces and nephews and make sure they are bigger and better than

last time.

Right now I am situated right next to a salt marsh that winds around and

out to the ocean. Thunder and lightning is happening with promises from the

locals of hail.

Here is a picture from the early morning where I sat and watched the


Where are you? Send pics.

Biddeford, ME

Inspiration / Insight

People like you. Especially when you are curious about them and their

stories. Especially when you delight in sharing pleasures, wisdom, treasures and

treats with them. Sure, there are some rotten apples out there – so damaged that

it’s best to steer clear. But even then it’s probably not personal. And when

good apples have rotten days and lash out, that’s not usually personal either.

Most of the people – like you! They long to tell you about themselves.

Eventually they will trust you enough to listen too.

I am INSPIRED by the picture of Moon Wan biting a zoo keeper.

I am INSPIRED by One Million Roses by Sim Soo-bong. I heard this song first

featured on Oh My Ghost!, a K-drama on netflix and was inspired to learn more

about Sim Min-kyung (Soo-bong) and her innovations within the trot genre.


Did you used to wear a wig?

Yes. (Photo by Nicola Rowlands 2016)

Picture of Banny Grove as a two piece with LA skyline behind


What’s on my turntable? – LL Cool J Bigger And Deffer (BAD)

What page is my finger on? – Last few shorts in The Complete Stories of Leonora


What herb helped me with punishing anxiety? – Lemon Balm as a tincture!!

(instant relief from bodily anxiety)

Music News

We finished all the tracking for our album and have begun mixing. Still not sure

what the title will be.

We got help from lots of friends on this one which I have never done before.

Many talented players!

First Hint: you can look forward to A LOT of drums.

We are playing 2 shows in August. Both at Permanent Records Roadhouse in LA.

Here’s the flyer for the first one with Tredici Bacci, Lina Tullgren and

a secret special guest, soon to be announced!:

flyer for 8/13/22

Also, our shows on the east coast this September are almost set. Check

the discordfor updates soon!


So thanks again for taking this journey with me. I feel like we are at the start

of a wild ride.

Please share your feedback with me and lmk if you would like some stories or

poetic food reviews or anything in particular. Also, any questions – I’ll keep

them anon. (unless you want mention)

Pop into the discord for a new episode of Puparell and Calhoun, Doggie

Cowpokes… as well as hot pics, nice sentiments and the chance to “hear it here


Scan my code for rapid access:

QR code for Banny Grove Discord

If you don’t want any more, this email, just tell me.

No hard feelings.

With hope and love

Louise, for Banny Grove

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