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We’re going neon. 

I’m sliding in here, into your in-box just before we “rap” on august. 

Right on time. That’s what I say.

What’s new? How’s the end of summer treating you? Are you “all over the place”? Can you feel the occasional whiff of Autumn or are you clinging to your dog days like baby teeth, as though the loss of them means something deeper about age and time that you refuse to accept just yet…? Me? I’m chilling. I smell a whiff, I cling to the now as it becomes the past, I celebrate the possibilities tomorrow brings… I do it all. I’m always playing the reality field. But enough about me :)Thanks to everyone who sent me photos last month of where they were on earth. -If we are all into it – I will share a picture each month that someone sent in. What do you all think? Y/N (circle one) So this issue I’m going to fall into a holeJust kidding. This month has a new feature ~ Poetic Reviews 
Before we begin though, I just want to shout out to our drummer, Taylor Bybee. 

Taylor is really important and special to both Peter and I. She helps me a lot, bringing me back to level ground when I feel like I’m girding the ravine. She is a heavy hitter and a rock star. She is good to her family, loving, brave, and super cool. One time Taylor had a show at her house when she lived in Boyle Heights and I was talking with this person there, and they saw Taylor go by and said to me “That’s Daddy.” Taylor has swag and a bold, bright energy that’s grounding, stabilizing, supportive but she is gentle as a bunny as well. good combo. 

Thanks Taylor!    



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I am here. Where are you?     

I’m back in Landers, CA. We have been back and forth to LA very much lately and soon will be flying east. Right now, and anytime I’m here I nestle right in like a bird in the coop. Today was 104 outside. This sounds extreme but in the morning there are cool places where the sun hasn’t reached yet. And during the day you stay inside with the “Cooley” (our swamp cooler – evaporative cooler for those outside the desert) I do yoga in the morning and Peter and I walk the dogs just after the sun dips. It’s nice. Check it out

Where are you? Send pics. (lmk if you don’t mind me sharing them)

Landers, CA sky

Inspiration / Insight

This month please review this checklist I wrote on my phone possibly 3 years ago

I am INSPIRED by my old roommate Andy who suddenly decided that she will learn to make pasta and begin selling it at farmers markets. She got a book from the library called “Pasta” and has been practicing. It looks good. Please don’t steal her idea.

I am INSPIRED by my Cosmic Piggy Potholder. I keep it up high on a shelf inside a mirrored glass box. Safe

Cosmic Piggy

Also by the contemporary artist Joji


Why do you make music?    Sometimes I have felt so much pain about being a human and zoomed in on my experience, what it’s like to have been a girl and grow into a woman in the USA. Sometimes I drive real fast and play my favorite songs by Selena or Aaliyah or Black Pink and just cry even though it is dangerous. I become reckless with life, overwhelmed by emotions.    My friend Marina recently said to me “singing is the most embarrassing thing you can do” which is maybe why its the most joyful as well. I think for me music is continually embracing my deep embarrassment in humanity and myself, so hard and honestly that only the beautiful truth of love is left. 


What is on my turntable? – Total Heat new album – Totally Real

What page is my finger on? – like the first page of Artist’s Way, lol

What helps clear glyphosate and heavy metals from my body? – Charcoal

Poetic Reviews

Reviews of places, restaurants, foods, other establishments etc. done in a poetic form. This month features a review of Costco’s Wholesale by Marina Allen.         

The power of Costco…         

it’s Awesomeness is Grotesque.         

A 12 pack of Ketchup, 250 rotisserie          

chickens spinning in tandem, a literal          

5.2 pound sack of ashwagandha         

powder, all of us cloaked under         

twilight, hearing only the white noise         

of freezers, anonymous yet United in         

our mission…
Music News

Less than one week until we leave for our little tour back east. We will finish rough mixes of our album first and hopefully get through one round of helpful ears. We named it!  

The tour:

9/8 NY at Chaos Computer

9/9 Philly at Planet Earth 

9/10 Kingston at Nightly

9/12 Greenfield, MA at 10Forward

9/13 Providence, RI at News Cafe

9/14 JP – Boston at Deep Thoughts


Thanks for reading. tell a friend. Did you enjoy how I put more pictures? Dude, I’m rooting for you. This little piggy is fukin’ rooting for you

Hope you know that. 

I am going to keep making special music about it and doing my little rituals. I will come tour any chance I get and hope to see you. As ever just tell me if you’d like to see something else here or want me to do something funny in a video and post it, tagging you and saying so-and-so asked told me this is cool. And just lmk if you want O-U-T of this carnival and I’ll take you off the mail list. 

In peace and love-Louise, for Banny Grove

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